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Спа-центр Serenity

We firmly believe that the best place to treat your skin is in the spa. Our trained, experienced therapists and beauty specialists will take their time to diagnose your skin and suggest the best treatment and products based on the nature of your skin, your personal sensitivities and beauty objectives. For a free consultation, please contact us for more details. We will be happy to tailor make any packages for you to suit your individual needs. We are proud to work with the below products.


Neoderma Research Laboratories, locally based, select the finest and most effective herbal extracts to formulate exceptional beauty products, unifying the highest scientific practices along with traditional knowledge.
As the skin is fragile and sensitive, disclosing our inner beauty, our philosophy is to care for it with natural, skin-friendly products. Therefore it is a primary concern for us to introduce safe, pure beauty products. Neoderma is free of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms), mineral oil and parabens. Animal testing free.


LI’TYA, means ‘Of the Earth’, and we offer a unique range of treatments that are based on modern and indigenous herbalism, aromatherapy and touch therapy from the traditional Australian Aboriginals. Our products are formulated using sustainably wild harvested, pure Australian botanicals and organic ingredients with guidance on the Indigenous plant knowledge & healing principles. We are proudly Australian made and owned & certified cruelty-free.

Спа процедуры

Мы твердо верим, что лучшее место для заботы о Вашей коже - это спа-центр. Наши квалифицированные специалисты уделят ...

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Оставайтесь в форме во время Вашего отдыха, воспользовавшись фитнес-центром, который расположен рядом со стойкой приема ...

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Членство в спа-центре

От гантель и беговых дорожек до спа-процедур и комнат отдыха, спа-центр Serenity отеля St Raphael Resort обеспечивает ...

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Парикмахерский салон Serenity

Наш парикмахерский салон Serenity очень популярен среди местного населения и гостей, проживающих в отеле St Raphael ...

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Подарочный ваучер

Подарочные ваучеры спа-центра Serenity - идеальный выбор подарка для дорогих Вам людей. Ваучеры могут быть приобретены ...

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Spa Etiquette

For the visit to the Serenity Spa to be enjoyable not just by you, but also other guests, follow these simple rules of ...

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