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Face Care

Li'tya Mirri - Means 'Face'

Integrating Australian native ingredients such as Lilypilly, Tasmanian Kelp and Macadamia, this is an ideal treatment to cleanse and nourish your skin. Perfect after a long flight, late night or just as a pick me up, this facial includes a ...

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Face Refresher

A perfect way to cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturise your skin. You can choose between a tailor made mask or a facial massage.

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Li'tya Mikiri - Means 'Deep'

This tailor-made facial treatment is prescribed as an intensive boost for all skin types, customized to target specific skin conditions such as dehydration, congestion, dryness and sensitivity. Two specialized masks are applied using a combination ...

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Deep Cleanser

A special treatment for oily or problematic skin, which includes deep exfoliation, anti-bactrial steam, pore cleansing followed by a clay mask. This is the ideal purifying treatment to leave the skin clean, light and refined. 

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Li'tya Yirri - Means 'My Face'

This facial is targeted to anyone needing a complete skin boost leaving your skin purified, hydrated and velvety smooth. Combining Australian native ingredients such as Tasmanian kelp, Wild Rosella and Old Man Weed extract and is packed with ...

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Serenity Facial

This multi-active 100% natural treatment can be individually tailored to meet the needs of all skin types. Your therapist selects products according to your skin type. It includes cleansing, gentle exfoliating and a relaxing facial massage followed ...

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Anti-Aging Expert

This anti-aging treatment is designed to fulfil the needs of dry and mature skin, improving the elasticity and tone of the facial contours. It repairs the skin, relaxes wrinkles and increases hydration and the skin's suppleness resulting in a ...

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Li'tya Marri Marli - Means 'Great Man'

An uplifting experience that begins with a steam exfoliation and massage to soften and soothe the tired muscles of the back and followed by a facial using Australian Native blends of essential oils and pure botanicals to nourish, soothe, strengthen ...

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Eye Vital Treatment

Alleviates the problem of winkles and also helps to hydrate, plump and reduce the appearance of fine lines. May be performed alone or added to any facial treatment.

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Tinting and Shaping

Eyebrow Tint €12 Eyelash Tint €18 Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint together €25 Eyebrow ...

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