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Massage Therapies

Indian Head Massage

This ancient techique is more than just a massage. The aim of the Indian head massage is to release the stress that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders.

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Back Massage

This massage concentrates on the neck, shoulders and back in order to relieve muscle tension, pains, tiredness and headacges caused by stress. The use of essential oils of your choice helps to stimulate relaxation. This treatment is ideal for ...

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Foot and Leg Massage

A revitalising treatment perfect for tired or jet-lagged feet and legs. The rhythmic movements of the massage will help stimulate the blood flow and relieve any tension and stress felt from the strained areas of the feet and legs.

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A gentle treatment that uses pressure on reflex areas of the foot. These pressure points correspond to all major organs of the body. This is a lovely therapy that will trigger the body's healing mechanism and will balance body, mind and spirit. ...

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Anticellulite Massage

This massage is designed to tone the skin, eliminate toxins, increase blood circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

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Lymphatic Massage

This slow, gentle massage stimulates the lymphatic system and blood circulation to enable the free flow of the lumph to help clean the body of wastes and toxins.

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Ampai Massage

A signature treatment specially designed for our award winning spa. This massage is based on ancient Thai healing techiques focused to alleviate pain and irritation in problem areas surrounding the spine, neck, back and legs. Our trained therapist ...

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Thai Aromatic Massage

Combining the ancient arts of healing Thai massage techniques and aromatherapy essential oils to unblock and balance the body's energy flow for a healthier body and mind. Option 1: 55 mins €80 Option 2: 90 mins €115

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Classic Thai Massage

Thai Massage is an ancient healing technique, which uses compression as a means to release muscular, nervous and energetic tension, It is practiced on the floor in full clothing, without the use of oil. It has been likened to a fusion between ...

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Ancient Greek MassageĀ®

Ancient Greek Massage® is a unique, patented holistic therapy which closely follows the protocols used by the famous Hippocrates, father of the modern medicine and is exclusive lisensed to our award winning spa! It is strong but not painful ...

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Aromatherapy (Full Body)

Concentrating on a full relaxation experience, this treatment helps to relieve muscle tension, pains and tiredness and to induce relation with the use of warm essential oils.

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Swedish Full Body Massage

This is a classic, full body massage, utilizing medium pressure techniques. This massage helps to de-stress the body by working on tense muscles, stimulating circulation and leaving a totally relaxed feeling.

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Sports Massage

This treatment is suited for those who need a more intense massage. It combines acupressure techniques, along with streching, compression and friction for a deeper tissue treatment and is adeal for those who exercise regularly.

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Hot Stones Massage

A unique treatment of heated volcanic stones applied with essential oils to the body in ways that bring about relief to sore and stiff muscles, releasing tension, to bring about tranquility and a more balanced flow of energy.

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Aromatherapy (Full Body and Face)

With the use of the highest quality pre-blended warm essential oils chosen to suit individual needs. This is a full body and face experience for ultimate relaxation.

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